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We are passionate about serving leaders who believe in elevating the lives of their team with value-driven solutions. 

As a full-service organizational development firm, our team is devoted to providing character and competence based solutions to equip leaders through the following areas: training, coaching, development experiences, and organizational development consulting. Brands operating under the Strata Leadership umbrella include: The Academy of Sports and Character, Character First Education, and Monocle Press.

The Strata team is comprised of researchers, writers, trainers, and coaches who provide meaningful solutions utilizing experience formed through academic preparation and real-world experience.

Strata Leadership is founded on elevating life through intentional integration of the C3 Concept in all aspects of our business. 

The C3 Concept
Character (C1) + Competence (C2) = Consistency (C3)
Consistency produces winning organizations. This is achieved by pursuing solutions that are built on both character and competence.

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