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Your company is more than a policy book or a written code of behavior. Learn what's contributing to your workplace culture. 

Shaping organizational culture is one of the most important responsibilities of a leader. But it is almost impossible for leaders to understand every nuance of their organization’s culture at any given time. The Cultural Analysis provides you with a realistic map of where your organizational health currently is and the trends contributing to this position.

Strata Leadership’s Cultural Analysis lets you look deep into your organization to help you understand the feelings, moods, perceptions, beliefs, values and activities that are impacting your culture.

Whether you choose the Premium Cultural Analysis with live interviews and Internet surveys, or the Standard Analysis that is Internet-only, you will receive a detailed report that includes specific results and indicators of what is happening in your organization. Participation in the Cultural Analysis is anonymous, which allows you to receive employee and coworker feedback that would normally be inaccessible to you.

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