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Strata Leadership offers personal assessments to help individuals discover their conflict style, leadership style, and personality type. 

An important step in the journey of a successful leader is the ability to solicit and accept honest, constructive feedback, and to respond with actions oriented toward self-improvement. A clear and realistic understanding of where you are as an individual, team, and organization is critical to mapping out an action plan.

Individual Assessments

Strata Leadership offers multiple tools to gain insight into your self-leadership.

Offerings include the following:

California Psychological Inventory (CPI 260)
Identify how others view your leadership style. 
Download a sample CPI 260 report

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
Identify how you perceive the world, and what psychological factors drive your decision-making.
Download a sample MBTI report

Thomas-Kilmann Confl ict Mode Instrument (TKI)
Measure your response to confl ict.
Download a sample TKI report

Strata 360 Executive Assessment Report

The Strata 360 Executive Assessment Report presents an opportunity to include your team in understanding your leadership style and how it affects those around you.

The Strata 360 includes pre-assessment communication to confirm clear expectations prior to the conduct of phone interviews.


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