The C3 Concept

Most companies hire for competence but fire for character. This imbalanced approach is expensive, risky, and draining. Strata Leadership can help you break that cycle and build a positive culture built on character and competence.

All of the programs offered by Strata Leadership—including assessments, coaching, training, and organizational development—focus on a combination of character and competence in order to produce the type of consistency that makes a world-class organization.

Great leaders know that long-term success is not just a matter of knowledge and skills. It takes character and integrity to overcome the traditional problems businesses face and create a positive, engaging, and productive workplace culture. 

At Strata Leadership, we believe there is a better way to do business, and we are ready to help!

Watch Dr. Nathan Mellor explain the C3 Concept at this TEDxOU event (19-min):