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Identify performance gaps, establish goals and accelerate your action plan with the help of a Strata Leadership Certified Coach. 

Individual Coaching

Designed to identify performance gaps and develop a plan of action for creating a sustainable approach for long-term success. 

Individual Coaching includes: 

  • 12 Face-to-Face Coaching Sessions
  • Access to an Executive Coach
  • Access to (3) Assessments to Evaluate Your Leadership Style: MBTI, TKI, CPI 260 
  • Ongoing Phone and Email Support 

Team Coaching

Designed for teams, from the same organization, that are working on a specific project or assignment together. i.e. launching a new product, leading a change initiative, or overseeing an acquisition 

Team Coaching includes:

  • (6) Two-Hour Face-to-Face Coaching Sessions with Team 
  • Access to Two Executive Coaches
  • Executive Summary Action Report 

*Pricing is based on number of participants and sessions booked. 

Phaseline Coaching

Designed for individuals seeking a network of like-minded professionals and a guide who will facilitate personal and professional growth.

Phaseline Coaching includes: 

  • Monthly Peer-to-Peer Coaching Session 
  • Access to a Strata Certified Coach
  • Access to a Network of Thought Leaders
  • Access to (3) Assessments to Evaluate Your Leadership Style: MBTI, TKI, CPI 260

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