Strata Coaching

Looking to develop high potentials or seeking to help a newly transitioned leader? Seeking a confidential sounding board? Our team of proven and experienced coaches are prepared to assist. Utilizing Strata's unique coaching methodology, we provide a grounded perspective that considers the need for both character and competence based solutions. 
Coaching sessions are typically one hour or less and are conducted face-to-face, over the phone or virtually. To help ensure a good match, we work closely with each coachee to make sure their coach is the right fit. Our coaches are trained to assist leaders in establishing goals and determining the best path to reach their objectives.

Coaching Services:

An effective way to begin a series of coaching sessions is to let a Strata Coach help interpret one or more of these personal assessments:

Strata Coaches are selected based on an abundance of character, in-depth experience, and sustained success in various positions and industries. They are thoroughly trained in using the C3™ Discovery Process, a system that focuses on identifying excellence and developing practical plans to achieve it based on character and competence. Their role is to guide participants through this process to solve challenges and achieve personal and professional goals.

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Seeking additional insight into coaching? We would recommend Diane Contu and Carol Kauffman's January 2009 article published in the Harvard Business Review entitled, "What Can Coaching Do for You?" The article can be found at