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Character Core Membership is a valuable, sustainable tool that allows you to engage, and continually direct your team's organizational mission, vision, and values. 

Member Benefits

Members receive a variety of resources every month that focus on a different “core strength”—including specific character qualities and leadership traits such as responsibility, positivity, trustworthiness, honesty, and flexibility.

The monthly membership features insightful articles written by our experienced team, as well as interviews with leaders from all walks of life who embody the featured character quality through their occupations and actions. The membership is packed with active tools with a detailed overview containing discussion questions, videos and employee recognition opportunities, making it a great tool for your monthly office gathering.

Resources include:

How to Begin:

Schedule an Orientation Training to train your management team how to build a culture of character and competence. We encourage building a strong foundation by focusing on teaching and developing your leaders before rolling out a new program to the whole organization. Call us to schedule your training today!

Start utilizing Character Core! You provide the total number of locations and employees and we will ship the materials that you need. Start having monthly meetings to introduce the monthly character quality and recognize employees for examples of good character.

Membership cost is $4 per employee per month

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*Due to COVID-19, many companies, ours included, have been forced to reconsider their business models to weather these challenging times. As a result, there are some services that we have provided in the past that we are unfortunately unable to continue moving forward. One of those services is our ability to provide our videos via DVD. Starting in July 2020, the monthly videos will be made available to our Character Core customers through the Vimeo platform. We recognize this change will create challenges for some, and we thank you for your flexibility and patience as we continue to seek innovative approaches to serving you.

Due to the changes we have made over the past few years, we are thankful to be able to provide all of our Character Core materials in both digital and print formats. This, along with utilizing Vimeo for our videos, is extremely important for organizations who have recently transitioned to work from home business models and are no longer able to distribute Character Core materials in their workplace conveniently.

Character Core Highlight Reel

Attentiveness Introduction

Attentiveness Leadership Tips

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