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The Strata Center for Public Safety (SCPS) was introduced by Strata Leadership in 2016 with the mission of providing public safety professionals the tools needed to develop and sustain a comprehensive response to individual, team, and organizational development needs.

Through challenging and rewarding training and curriculum, participants are able to identify and discuss issues and concerns common to their line of work. The program of education and self-reflection introduces practical solutions which lead to a more positive environment, both on the job and at home with family.
SCPS offers the following:

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SCPS Training Courses:

Dynamic Leadership - Motivating and Engaging Your Team

Download the Dynamic Leadership Course Description

Ethics in Law Enforcement 

Download the Ethics in Law Enforcement Course Description


These full-day training programs are specifically tailored for law enforcement staff and officers. Topics covered include:

  • The Value of Trust
  • Developing an Ethical Culture
  • Character, Competence, & Consistency
  • Leading by Example
  • Building Blocks for Ethical Decision-Making
  • Celebrating Excellence on the Job
  • Correcting Poor Ethical Decisions


Other Training Courses

Any of the standard courses offered by Strata Leadership can be adapted for law enforcement and public safety personnel.

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Tommy Sloan, Under Sheriff Boulder County, shares about the Character Core component

An Introduction to SCPS

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