28 Days to a Motivated Team


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by Jason E. Jones, Ph.D.
210 Pages, Paperback

Written as a “quick-book” for busy managers and drawing on more than 50 years of research, 28 Days to a Motivated Team provides managers and leaders with a step-by-step guide for how to increase both individual and team motivation. Over a 4-week period, managers are led on a challenging journey of self-reflection and environment creation that will accelerate team motivation and engagement.

Most managers and leaders believe that combining a group of motivated people will automatically produce a team that is highly motivated to collaborate and achieve team goals. “This is far from the truth,” says Dr. Jason Jones. In his book, 28 Days to a Motivated Team, Jones explains why it is so important for managers to build an environment that supports motivation at both an individual level and at a team level.

Dr. Jones asserts 3 key questions every person asks when involved in a team environment and when the person’s success is dependent upon other team members. The way each team member relates to these questions will determine the person’s level of energy and focus for the team’s goals.

Readers will learn…

  • what really motivates people in a team environment
  • 4 motivation styles used over the past 5,000 years
  • 3 questions that determine team motivation
  • 5 proven factors that support or hinder individual and team motivation
  • how to facilitate great team meetings
  • dozens of tips for how to be a better team leader and manager
  • daily tips for motivating at the individual and team level
  • how to use the Team Motivation Assessment, The Motivating Manager Planner, and other helpful resources

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